BASIC RULE 퍼스트러브 씀
★ FirstLove is a fan site which is specially designed for ROSÉ from BLACKPINK and her fans✪‿✪

★ FirstLove is running on a membership basis, all data can only be viewed after logging in.
(Sign up period for foreigners till Feb 19.
After it ends, First Love will open for sign up from time to time, please stay tuned )

★ FirstLove welcomes anyone who loves and supports Rosé and BLACKPINK!

BUT, please follow the instructions stated as below!

1. Please avoid using these names for signing up : Full name/ BP members' names/ BLACKPINK (Your account will be deleted immediately without informing once it is spotted.)
Other than that, there are no other special restrictions for nicknames nor ID.

2. Please do not mention other fan site or celebrity on First Love. Inappropriate comments like making comparison or condemnation are strictly prohibited.

3. Editing, logo cropping, re-uploading of First Love's photos and videos are strongly prohibited and no commercial use is being allowed.

Though it is not included in the regulations, please respect each other including Rosé. *^^*

Let's support ROSÉ together by keeping First Love's rules ✿˘◡˘✿